Notice to Westwind II owners and guests:

Due to travel restrictions and a 30 day, 24 hour curfew implemented by the Bahamian Government, Westwind II is officially closed. The last guest left the resort on March 26. Security and Maintenance staff are still working on projects and securing the resort. We will communicate when the curfew and travel restrictions are lifted.

Currently, Nassau has four cases of the coronavirus. Major hotels, casinos, restaurants and businesses are also closed to guests.

Regarding employee concerns, the Government is extending unemployment benefits to citizens and we are also monitoring how this will affect Westwind II employees as we move forward.

Some owners have asked about a contingency plan to compensate owners due to the restrictions. The same applies as when the resort closed due to hurricanes in 2016, the resort is full for the 50 weeks of operation and Westwind II does not have enough units to transfer for future weeks. Some owners have space banked with RCI.

The BOD will communicate with you over the coming weeks concerning the restrictions in place.


Westwind II
at Cable Beach, Nassau, Bahamas
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Steps for Selling your Villa or Changing the Deed

Ready to sell? Fill out this Sale Listing Request Form to submit your listing to the sales office.
If you are selling your villa(s) or changing the deed to your villa(s) you will need to complete the following steps;

1. Please email the name of the current owner and contact info and the name(s) of the new owner and contact info. Please remember to include all names that should be included in the new deed and how they should be listed. For example; Brian A. Smith and Carole R. Smith JTWROS ( Joint tenants with rights of survivorship). The person listed first will be the primary owner which means that is where all mail and correspondence will go. Remember to include phone number, address and email so that we can contact the new owner(s).

2. We require a copy of the original deed mailed or emailed to our office.

3 Please pay $387.25 for each unit/week. You can pay by credit card (master card or visa) or issue a check for $387.25 (for closing costs and registration fee) made payable to ES Financial/Westwind II Association and mail to our office. This can be paid by the current owner(s) or the new owner(s). Remember this is $387.25 for each week.

4. Once we receive the information as to who the new owners will be, we will email or mail a document to you called "The Assignment of Interval Ownership". This document needs to be signed and witnessed by all current owners and new owners. We can email you this document and get electronic signatures. Please note that the signatures only need to be witnessed and not notarized.

5. Once we receive the copy of the original deed, the signed Assignment and payment for the$387.25 for each week, we can issue the new owners their new deed and affidavit of registration.

Our mailing address:
ES Financial/Westwind II
3200 Broadmoor Ave SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49512